Built in the USA and sold world-wide only to OEMs and their authorized distributors, the heavy-duty,Trackmaster TMX428 medical treadmill is interfaced with and controlled by a wide range of Cardiac Stress and Pulmonary Stress Testing Systems via USB or RS232.  Trackmaster is manufactured under registration to ISO 13485 in an FDA registered facility and meets all domestic and regulatory requirements; CE, ETL and CSA.

For those applications which require occasional independent operation of the treadmill, the TMX428CP is offered with an optional manual, pre-programmed and programmable controller.

TMX428 Features & Specs:

  • Smooth, quiet, zero-start, 4HP (6HP peak) hi-torque drive
  • 227kg patient capacity
  • Smooth, quiet linear actuator elevation system to 25%
  • Low-to-the ground, cushioned deck for patient comfort and safety
  • 22″ x 63″ (56cm x 160cm) running belt and safety handrails
  • Patented MasterTrack belt alignment system eliminates off-center running belts
  • Exceptionally accurate, self-calibrating speed and elevation
  • Prominent emergency stop button and patient safety tether
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Available as the TMX428CP with optional manual and programmable controller



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